Does Everybody Have Wisdom Teeth 4 Reasons For Removal

Does Everybody Have Wisdom Teeth? (4 Reasons For Removal)

Some individuals may think that wisdom teeth aren’t necessary and may have an extraction for aesthetic reasons. However, wisdom teeth are more than just the permanent stage of tooth growth. On the other hand, it is understandable that people will prefer removing wisdom teeth due to severe toothaches. Relief for wisdom teeth pain can be achieved with the help of a professional dentist. However, emergencies at night or during sleep due to the gum pain can be challenging to manage. Does everybody have wisdom teeth? You may want to know the functions of having wisdom teeth before removing them. 


Does Everybody Have Wisdom Teeth As A Complete Set?

Wisdom teeth are permanent molars found in the back of the mouth. It helps grind food that our body can chew and eat. According to several dentistry experts, some patients have the late appearance of wisdom teeth through ages 18 and early twenties. In rare cases, people may not even have wisdom teeth due to their teeth’s formation or malocclusion. However, individuals with impacted wisdom teeth may not show visibly as it is under the gum line. Nevertheless, dental care is crucial, no matter what a person’s age is. You may want to support your dental health by visiting your local dentist to set a checkup.


Reasons Why People Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed

Naturally, a person with crowded teeth may want a better appearance. So, with partially impacted wisdom teeth, it may cause loss of confidence or self-consciousness. On the other hand, there are medical and dental reasons people have their full wisdom teeth extraction. A wisdom tooth removed may have risks; mainly, the body may not heal well. It can also be possible that sensitive nerves may get an infection due to the growing partial or impacted wisdom teeth. 


Severe Toothaches

Does Everybody Have Wisdom Teeth

Toothaches from a wisdom tooth may have cavities, and food debris stuck due to unreached areas when brushing or flossing. It may be the patient’s last resort to have their surgery removal as soon as they can. Cavities and plaque that can’t be cleaned deeply by a dentist may result in other diseases such as periodontitis or tooth decay.


It Becomes Impacted Or Partially Erupted

Pain from impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth is generally the primary cause for removing them. Some impacted wisdom teeth usually grow in the lower area. However, partially erupted teeth may grow either at the upper or lower teeth location. Additionally, common problems that come from wisdom teeth are the sensitive nerves that the tooth applies pressure in. A full oral X – ray can show the painful gum tissue location where your wisdom teeth are growing.


For Correcting Malocclusion Or Crowded Teeth

You may be asking, does everybody have wisdom teeth only due to malocclusion? The answer is no, as some people regularly have wisdom teeth as part of the healthy growth of bones in the mouth. However, it may be essential to recognize that wisdom teeth may not have enough room to grow because of crowded teeth. Especially if you’re planning to have an orthodontic appliance such as braces, extraction is the only option. Hence, you may want them removed from your specialized dentists. 


Due To Possible Infection

Infection in the roots, pulp, or the nerves inside the gum line may also become a huge problem. Moreover, some wisdom teeth may have cysts or tumors that grow alongside the soft tissue area. These fluid-filled sacs and abnormal tissue growth can become dangerous for your dental health. Infection can also happen due to bacterial infection inside the root pulp. But, several wisdom teeth don’t need root canal therapy, as it may be more costly. You may ask your endodontist if the root canal for wisdom teeth is worth saving the tooth.


What Can I Do To Stop Wisdom Tooth Pain?

Immediate care for jaw clenching and gum may not be a good side effect due to the impaction or growth of wisdom teeth. Since we already know the answers on, “does everybody have wisdom teeth” it is vital to look for ways to reduce the pain. You may also want a piece of professional advice from your doctor of dental medicine to ensure that you are safe from the risks mentioned in this article.


Buy Pain Relievers From A Pharmacy

Your doctor’s prescription is vital before buying any antibiotics or pain relievers. Yet, many over the counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are available from your pharmacy or drug stores.


Gargle With Salt Water

A solution of salt and lukewarm water may help your toothache go away. Mix a teaspoon of salt and one cup of lukewarm water and swish this on your molars. Spit it after 30 seconds of gargling. Your wisdom teeth removed can also benefit from having this saline solution.


Use An Ice Pack 

An ice pack may soothe your swelling and inflamed gums. You may apply the ice pack outside the area where your wisdom tooth is located. If you don’t have an ice pack, you can make your ice cubes from the freezer and wrap it on a towel or clean cloth.


Brush Everyday

Does Everybody Have Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief

How important is dental hygiene for people? A simple routine that most teens neglect is brushing their teeth every day. Problems in the mouth start from germs accumulated in the mouth that develop into dental diseases. 


Can Pain Still Persist After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Another point overlooked by many patients is the tendency of recurring pain after a wisdom tooth. Although it is not often that a patient may experience phantom pain when the wisdom teeth are removed. Many complications in surgery may happen due to allergic reactions, improper tissue healing, and also the growth of bacteria. A patient should always be mindful of their wisdom teeth recovery process to aid blood clotting. Moreover, people who just had their surgical operation recently should avoid unhealthy habits. Smoking, consuming alcohol, and eating too hot or cold food may increase swelling or bleeding gums. 

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