Yogas for flat belly

Yogas for Flat Belly

Having a fit and a healthy body is the dream of each person on earth. One of the main challenges to many people today is a port belly. We would say to ourselves, “I want to get rid of my excess fat and have a flatter tummy.” There are several ways to get rid of a bulging tummy but choosing a more natural approach is always good. Natural methods will have no side effects. Yoga is one of the most excellent ways to have a flat tummy within a short period. You will only have to do some poses and get rid of that disturbing tummy.

There’re several yoga postures that you can use for a flatter tummy. Following are the three most effective yogas for a flat belly.

  1. Reverse Boat Pose or opposite corpse position

Doing this pose is very simple. You will only need to lay down flat on your mat and stretch your arms and legs. Hold this position for one minute. You can go for more seconds if you’re able.

This pose will facilitate digestion and control sugar levels thus a flat tummy. Apart from flattening your stomach this position will strengthen your abdomen and improve the functionality of the nearby organs such as liver and pancreas.

  1. Yogas for flat bellyCat Pose

To do this pose, you will kneel down and take the posture of a table using your hands and knees. Then take a deep breath while pulling your butt and the abdominal muscles. Apart from flattening your stomach, this posture will increase blood circulation, strengthen affected muscles and massage internal organs.

  1. Plank Pose

This is another excellent pose to have a flat stomach, doing plank pose will be very simple. Just lie facing downwards, then lift your body using arms and balance on the toes. Raise your chest and face down or forward. Hold this position for few minutes and repeat.

In conclusion, yoga is the best natural way to get rid of excess fat on belly. Choose the poses you’re interested in and start your journey towards a flatter tummy.

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