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How A Mobile Massage Therapist Can Change Your Way Of Living?

This new generation has a lot of things to offer to make our daily lives more comfortable. Plenty of services are available almost everywhere to meet peoples several demands. A mobile massage therapist, for example, offers various massage services where you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your home, office, or even hotel room. Mobile massage services from Wayne Massage Sydney offers different services to satisfy your needs.


What Is Mobile Massage Therapy

This concept was developed to meet the massage therapy demands of the customers that are too busy or just too lazy to leave their homes or offices. People who often get massage therapy usually fall asleep after the session that is why mobile massage therapy would be their best option.

This business idea refers to the professional massage therapist personally visiting the client wherever they are to offer massage therapy.


Who Will Benefit Mobile Massage Therapy

This type of service would be very convenient for people who are physically unable to leave their locations to visit the spa. Massage therapy is considered as a wellness service that focuses on the relaxation of its consumers. An hour of massage can definitely ease any tensed muscle. In fact, a gentle touch on our body can give a sense of tranquility.

First, some handicapped or physically disabled people need extra supervision or assistance in order for them to leave their homes and return safely. But there are times when their caregiver or caretaker cannot accompany them outdoors, this is when mobile massage therapy service is mostly recommended.pampering mom

Second, people who have too many responsibilities in their hands. Housewives with 2 or more kids barely have the time to pamper and relax themselves. They spend most of their time cleaning the house, doing chores, taking care of kids, or just being a great and responsible parent. Taking advantage of mobile massage therapy is a good way to release your stress without leaving your home.

Third, athletes who have just finished a game usually ends up with a sore body. They normally feel the body pain a day after the intense game making them unable to walk or move properly which limits them from driving to the spa. They opt to book a massage therapist to help relax their muscle and joints before they start their day. This may be referred to as the sports massage.

Fourth, vacationists or tourists of a certain place usually want to spend their remaining 2 days relaxing in their comfortable villa or hotel room with beautiful landscapes to appreciate. Most of the time, they just ask for massage therapists providing home or hotel service to reach that full-on vacation mode experience.

Fifth, corporate workers who have little to no time to relax and just want a quick pamper during work time. Some corporate bosses resort to mobile massage therapy services due to their hectic schedules. A therapist may be called in if the client has minimal time to spare and would just like to feel at ease while doing paperwork and work responsibilities in their chair.

Note that before making any therapy bookings, it’s important to check the eligibility of your therapist and make sure that they are licensed and professional.


Different Types Of Massage Therapies

Several types of massage therapies are being offered to customers depending on their bodies ‘ demands and needs. Below are the most popular massage therapies and their benefits:

  • Reflexology massage. This massage follows a reflexology map to see if which part of your hand or foot needs pressure to revitalize certain body parts or body organs. Reflexologists believe that our body parts are connected. For example, putting pressure on the ears will help in reducing pain caused by migraines.
  • Trigger point massage. This massage therapy is a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massages. It is often used in clients with trigger points where pain and discomfort take place.
  • Swedish Massage. This famous type of massage focuses on relaxing the muscles and in increasing circulation by simply massaging the soft tissues. This massage includes rubbing,  kneading, joint bending, and sometimes, vibration without going too hard.
  • Deep tissue massage. This kind of therapy helps with pain and body stiffness. Deep tissue massage uses more force to reach the deeper parts of the muscle and tendons targeting the connective tissues that surround and supports the bones, muscles, organs, and nerves. It is said to help in relieving several chronic pains. Deep tissue massage is known to be therapeutic as it helps in healing chronic diseases.relaxation with massage
  • Hot stone massage. This type of therapy uses heated stones to relax sore muscles. The massage therapist would place flat and smooth stones on certain parts of the body to help ease the tensioned muscles. Hot stone massage can be combined with Swedish massage.
  • Prenatal massage. Pregnancy can normally cause different body pains in the lower back, hips, and legs. Pregnant women also tend to suffer from swelling. Research suggests that prenatal massage can help with their mental health, back pain, and in reducing the risk of premature birth.
  • Aromatherapy massage. The aromatherapy massage uses essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, bergamot, lemon, rose, and many more. These oils are commonly used together with Swedish massage where the therapist will use oils to help you relax and sleep.
  • Sports massage. This type of massage is essential for all levels of athletes. Some athletes prefer to get a post-game massage to warm up the body before an intense game. Sports massage helps with blood flow and preventing injuries.


Probable Side-Effects of Constant Massage Therapy

Even though massage therapies can give us relaxation and ease our body pains, it is still important to always check our physical health first as it may be affected by constantly undergoing therapies. Here are some of the most common side effects of massage therapies.

  1. Migraines. This effect is quite uncommon. Migraines may be due to the incorrect positioning of your head while receiving the therapy. Most massages last for 1 to 2 hours and not being able to move your head for that long could cause headaches or migraines.
  2. Nausea. This usually occurs after the therapy, it is our body’s way to release toxins.
  3. Sleepiness. A common effect after receiving relaxing massage therapy. After reducing stress, our body tends to release the tension making the client feel sleepy or even groggy.
  4. Inflammation. This occurs when the therapist used too much pressure on the body. Or it can also be caused by an older injury that does not fully heal. Before receiving a therapy, always inform the therapist of your injuries so they can avoid hurting these areas.
  5. Lingering pain. Some massage could get really deep and hard causing pain to certain parts of the body during and after the massage therapy session.
  6. Muscle Aches/Fatigue. Massage therapists penetrate the upper layers of the muscle. Sometimes, this causes the muscles to feel fatigued and may also result in muscle ache.
  7. Skin redness. Therapists use pressure on the skin and oftentimes, this can cause skin redness.

While some of these side effects could seem worrisome, studies suggest that these symptoms are temporary and may eradicate in a day or so.

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