Microneedling For Scars

Is It Advisable To Do Microneedling For Scars? (Facial Acne Scars)

You may be reading this article looking for the answers to what the title was about to talk about. Yes, you’re not going to get disappointed as microneedling is real, and it is your next step for rejuvenation. You may want to improve your skin for many reasons, such as stress, overwork, and fatigue. Maybe, it’s time to step up and maintain the needs of your beautiful skin by getting microneedling for scars. Additionally, you can even contact LV Dental today to know more about the benefits of microneedling. With this decision, you can guarantee to have a better outlook on your facial skin problems. 

Types of Facial Scars

Both men and women suffer from facial scars due to acne problems. With the many types of facial problems today, dermatology research is stepping up in less-intrusive treatments. Microneedling for scars is an excellent introduction for beginners of facial skincare. However, before dealing with this great innovation, let us look at what scars are common for people. You may even have some of these right now, and it’s under your nose. Have a read on some off these items so that you can relay these ideas to your dermatologist. 

Ice Pick 

Ice pick scars are deep skin scars that look like a toothpick punctured it. This scar is one of the common injuries seen in men, but some women also suffer from it. The treatment available for ice pick scars is usually via lasers or radiofrequency devices. However, ice pick treatments may have more than one session in procedures. 


Keloid is scars that can cause big bumps on a person’s body. It is usually reddish in the skin, looking like it’s an inflamed epidermis. The keloid scars are results of piercings or tattoo. Also, people who just had surgery may have these bumps after three months.


When a person’s pigmentation has problems with the skin, it can also cause skin scars. Women usually encounter hyperpigmentation and are evident to people exposed to the sun. Treatments such as SPF lotions and creams can help avoid this problem. However, some have excess natural production of melanin, which may require them to visit a skin doctor instead. 


This type of scar is irritating since it combines not just one kind of scar, which is also a symptom of an underlying health problem. People who have skin diseases such as psoriasis, scabbing, or allergic reactions to pollution may find themselves having combination scars. The problem with combination scars, as told by dermatologists, is how it can cause more prominent types of scars than any other. You may want to prevent having combination scars by taking care of your skin more often.

What Are The Advantages of Microneedling?

Microneedling For Scars

Skin does need a better way of a treatment since there are many factors nowadays affecting its condition. To make your skin glow once more, the root ingredient like collagen and elastin needs total support. Hence, one should have to get into the better way of using microneedling by knowing its benefits. Microneedling for scars lowers the probability of making the facial matters worse. Your scars may expand and even get inflamed. Infection is what you’re trying to avoid when having your microneedling session. Also, microneedling makes your skin less saggy and more revitalized for a youthful glow. This type of treatment comes in many forms too, so ask your skincare expert about the options you may have for your type of skin. 

How To Prevent Facial Scars 

Home remedies are great, but what is a better way to avoid scars is prevention. When you see signs of acne, don’t pop it right away. Picking, squeezing, or popping are the sole reasons why there are acne scars. Furthermore, facial cleansing is very crucial, especially to those with sensitive skin. People with oily skin are more likely to get more skin problems as it clogs the pores. One takeaway from this article is that you have to visit a professional to know which method you should do to lessen skin issues. 

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