how long does laser eye surgery last

How Long Does Laser Eye Surgery Last? (LASIK Surgery)

How long does laser eye surgery last? This is a question that many people have. This article will talk about the lasting effects of laser eye surgery and how to maintain them.

What is laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery is a procedure done to correct certain types of vision problems. Conditions like cataracts, astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness are the most common problems that laser eye surgery aims to get rid of.

The procedure of laser eye surgery involves the reshaping of the cornea. Correcting the shape of the cornea will also get rid of the problems in vision. It is the imperfections of the cornea that cause these defects and other impairments in sight.

How long does laser eye surgery last?

Many people ask this question because there is a large part of the population that is unaware that the effects of laser eye surgery are supposed to be permanent. Laser eye surgery is meant to permanently correct vision problems.

Vision problems are corrected because of the alteration of the shape of the cornea. The vision problems should not return because the corrected cornea does not go back to the way it was before. This is what makes the laser eye surgery a permanent solution to vision problems.

Although the effects of eye surgery are supposed to last a lifetime, eye surgery cannot prevent the deterioration of the eye because of the natural aging process. This is when the patient will need to revisit their eye doctor for Lasik enhancement.

Will you still need to wear glasses after surgery?

Most of the time, patients will no longer require glasses after laser eye surgery. However, there are some cases where the patient will still be prescribed reading glasses and glasses to drive safely at night. It is wise to consult your doctor about this.

When is laser eye surgery enhancement needed?

how long does laser eye surgery last

If you notice that your vision has become cloudy or has fallen under par again, it may be time to have an enhancement procedure done on your eyes. This will help your eyes return to the excellent vision you had after your laser eye surgery.

A patient may have multiple enhancement surgeries done. The procedures can be performed as the need arises. However, the corrected shape of the cornea will not return to the way it was before the surgery was performed. Doctors should be wary about committing overcorrection to the eyes as this is more difficult to correct than undercorrection.

What you can do

If you are looking to have laser eye surgery done to correct your vision problems, talk to your doctor about it. There are some instances when this type of procedure will not be beneficial for you. There may be other eye procedures that will be able to cure your condition more effectively. Your eye doctor is the best person to tell you about your options and advise you on which one will work best for the eye condition you have.

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