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Why Do I Need A Me Day To Stay Mentally Healthy?

With busy work schedules and the negative effects of social media on our mental health, it gets hard for us to stay sane all the time. Sometimes, exhaustion and tiredness get the best of us making us look forward to the “me day” during rest days. We all have different ways to relax, some of us prefer to stay cozy at home while binge-watching movies while others spend their me day at the salon. No matter what it is, what’s important is that you take the time off of your busy schedule.


Signs That You Need Me Day

woman with fresh faceWorking every day can drain out the energy in you. There are even times where you get enough sleep but still feel tired and exhausted. It’s important to note that your health, whether physical or mental, must be taken of utmost importance.

So how will you know if your body is asking for “me day”? Take time to analyze the signs below and see if you can relate to each of them:

Nothing excites you anymore

One of the early indicators that you are in need of some alone time is when you don’t feel excited or happy about the things that used to be fun to you. For example, the family day does not sound so exciting to you anymore, in fact, you try to come up with excuses to not spend the day with them. You just feel bored all the time, like you just want to procrastinate the whole day. If you feel this way frequently, it’s time to plan out your me day.

Hungry all the time or no appetite at all

Our mental health has a huge impact on our food appetite as well. The effect depends on one person to another, others feel the hunger for all kinds of food whenever they are stressed. As for some, they lose their appetite respectively. Remember that our diet can affect our overall health, so if your appetite is starting to take a turn, find a way to relax and spend time for yourself.

You get overwhelmed easily

It’s time to assess things if your usually energetic, easy-going, and happy self becomes overwhelmed even by the little things every day. This is when simple problems seem too big for you to solve, and sometimes, result in a breakdown. At this point, you become very emotional over the little things such as a pile of dirty laundry, dusty floor, forgetting to go to the grocery, and many more. Take care of your mental health by spending a day to put yourself back on track.

You Snap At People

When we get stressed, we tend to get angry easily, thus, resulting in us snapping at our loved ones. And at most times, we don’t even mean to get angry and say harsh words. Don’t think about it too much and remember that it’s a normal reaction when we are emotionally strained. All you need to do is to distance yourself for a while and do something that will calm your mind.

You Just want to run away

We all had a moment in our lives where we just want to pack our bags, hop on a plane, and go far away. This is actually our mind’s way of saying that you need a time out. If a vacation is not possible at the moment, you may opt to spend your me day in a place near your house. Lucky are you if you are living by the beach since a walk on the shore is very beneficial.


Benefits Of Alone Time

Spending some time alone for yourself is a great way to refresh your mind and re-energize your body. Aside from its positive effects on our mental health, alone time can help you re-focus yourself on important things in life and help you have a better quality of life as well. Here are the reasons why you need some me-time:

  • happily bikingUnwinding reduces stress and prevents you from getting burned out.
  • Me day reboots your brain and allows you to be more productive.
  • It also improves your critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  • With some time alone, you get to evaluate yourself. Have you been a nice boss? Are you a responsible parent? Are you happy with your life? These are some of the few things that you can ask yourself.
  • It promotes self-love. Me day allows you to discover the great things within you, thus, enabling you to love yourself more each day.
  • Better relationships with family and friends. If you are happy about yourself, it is easier for you to make a connection with your loved ones. This is also one of the benefits of having alone time frequently.
  • Promotes a balanced lifestyle. Your career may be an important thing in your life but so is your mental health. With a scheduled me time, you’ll be able to balance the time that you spend at work and the time for yourself.

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