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Have a handsome face: How plastic surgery can help you look good

How do you determine a handsome man? Is it in the way he looks, how he dresses up, the way he talks, the way he gets your attention? There are so many parameters and variables that need to be considered to fully distinguished a beautiful man. The same goes for having a good looking face – the size, shape, and profile of each of your facial components differ per preference. But let us help you define the common standards of what makes a handsome face and how plastic surgery can help you have one.


Characteristics of a handsome face

There are different opinions when it comes to knowing what makes a man handsome. However, in an ideal sense, a man’s facial features should include a well-defined symmetrical face, narrow-shaped head, full lips, prominent chin, high-profile nose, emphasized jaw, and expressive eyes with dark eyebrows. Some would prefer bearded men over clean-looking boys-next-door, and others may prefer a different color of the eyes and hair.


Plastic surgery procedures for a handsome face

While women are more concerned about how they look, men nowadays are also seeking medical attention when it comes to perfecting their physical attributes. Some men even undergo plastic surgery to achieve their desired look to make them feel more confident and proud of their bodies. Here are some facial plastic surgery procedures that most men typically request and undergo.


Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Blepharoplasty or eyelid rejuvenation is one of the most wanted facial plastic surgery most men turn to in order for them to look youthful and fresh. The plastic surgeon performs this procedure to remove the sagging skin on your upper eyelids, remove the fatty deposits or eyebags on your lower lids, and in return minimize lines and wrinkles as he removes excess skin around the eyes. A typical blepharoplasty typically costs around at least $3000, so men who would want to have youthful, expressive eyes should expect to have a budget for this surgical procedure.

Neck lift (Lower rhytidectomy)

handsome face with plastic surgery

Another battle with the sagging skin. Your face may look bigger if you have a turkey neck or excess skin on your neckline. Having a saggy neck prevents you from having an emphasized jaw and actually makes you a bit chubbier and older for your age. Undergoing a lower rhytidectomy or neck lift lets the surgeon remove the excess skin and allows you to show off your naturally-chiseled jaw and perfect chin to neck proportion. This may cost you around $5000, and though other nonsurgical procedures also promise improvement when it comes to your neck’s appearance, only surgery can give your satisfying results that will last longer.


Nose job (Rhinoplasty)

One of the most common plastic surgery all over the world for both men and women, getting a nose job certainly changes the whole proportion of your handsome face. Since the nose is on the center of your face, its profile, shape, and size actually affect the symmetry of your overall look. This typically costs around $5000 to $5500, so make sure that an expert plastic surgeon handles this seemingly easy but complicated surgery to prevent complications.

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