digital stethoscope

Advantages of a digital stethoscope

There have been many improvements in the medical world, and one of them would be the innovation of the digital stethoscope. Read more to get instructions on how to use this kind of equipment.

What is a digital stethoscope?

What makes this new type of stethoscope different from the traditional analog one? It is also known as an electronic stethoscope. The use of the digital stethoscope would be similar to that of its analog counterpart. The improvement that was made was that it would overcome the low sound levels by amplifying the body sounds. 

With the use of technology, the chest piece of the digital stethoscope would capture the sounds that are to be analyzed and then convert them into electrical signals. These signals can then be amplified for the optimal listening and understanding of the professional who will be giving the medical diagnosis.  

digital stethoscope

Analog stethoscope VS digital stethoscope

We have all encountered a stethoscope at the doctor’s office at least one in our lives. The doctor would use it to listen to our lungs and heart and monitor the sounds created by any anomalies that may be present in these internal organs. When the doctor (or nurse, or another type of medical professional) would be finished listening, usually a successful diagnosis can already be made based on the sounds heard through the analog stethoscope. There would be some instances where the sounds would be too soft, but usually, it would be an effective tool to use for diagnosis. 

There would be many advantages to using a digital stethoscope. In contrast to the analog version, a medical professional would be able to tweak the sound levels using the technology of a digital stethoscope. Another thing that the analog stethoscope cannot do is to record the sounds and play them again when further analysis would be needed. On top of this, another technological advancement would be the fact that the sound waves can also be converted into graphical data that can be analyzed. 

Why use a digital stethoscope?

Many laboratories and medical schools and institutions are employing the use of a digital stethoscope to help medical students understand data better, and also as a way to make a more accurate diagnosis. 

Some experts say that the digital stethoscope is unnecessary because the analog one has worked well in the past, however, many other experts disagree. They say that the innovation of the digital stethoscope allows medical practitioners to practice their professions and make medical assumptions more clearly than with an analog stethoscope. These experts claim that especially with lung diseases, the digital stethoscope represents a significant advance in the technology of medical tools. 

With its noise-canceling feature and clearer sound resolution even through the clothes of a patient, the digital stethoscope is a great innovation that many in the medical community can benefit from. It is also affordable at less than $500. If you are a medical professional, consider upgrading your analog stethoscope to a digital one and you will be able to hear the difference.

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