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Clean Teeth and the Perfect Dental Teeth Cleaning Tools for the Job

Clean teeth are and always have been an essential aspect of one’s overall health. The Mayo clinic has associated poor dental hygiene with several diseases and conditions such as endocarditis, cardiovascular diseases, pneumonia, and premature birth. To clean teeth properly, one needs the perfect dental teeth cleaning tools for the job. If you’re curious to know the different types of it you can visit Critical Dental Supplies website for more info. Meanwhile, here are the basic dental teeth cleaning tools  to keep a clean teeth.

Mouthwash. Some mouthwashes are designed to reduce plaque buildup and others kill bacteria. Depending on the purpose, a mouthwash is used to clean otherwise difficult to reach areas around the teeth and also clean gums, tongue and the interior of the cheek.

Toothbrush. The toothbrush is the most commonly used tool for cleaning teeth. There are manual and electric toothbrushes available for use. Both are equally effective if used properly. The toothbrush removes plaque, bacteria, and other debris on the surface of the teeth.

Floss. Dental floss is used to remove food particles and plaque from between the teeth where a toothbrush or other tools often cannot reach. There are waxed flosses available for those with tightly spaced teeth. dental teeth cleaning tools

Toothpaste. The primary purpose of toothpaste is as a mild abrasive to aid in the removal of plaque buildup on teeth. However, modern toothpaste has many ingredients that help protect and clean teeth.

Irrigators. These tools project a small stream of water over and between the teeth to clean and wash out difficult to reach areas. These are essential tools for those with dentures and dental braces.

Picks. Picks come in various sizes and shapes from toothpicks to scalers. There are wooden, plastic, and metal picks. These are used to remove food particles, plaque and tartar buildup on and between teeth.

For thousands of years, man has been using sticks, cloth, ash, abrasives, string, and washes, amongst other things for dental teeth cleaning tools. Modern technology and knowledge of the lifecycle of a tooth have dramatically improved upon these dental teeth cleaning tools used for oral hygiene. If used correctly and regularly, one’s teeth will be clean and overall health improved.

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