man waking up with dry mouth

What Should I Do If I Always Wake Up With Dry Mouth?

If you always wake up with a dry mouth, it’s probably time for you to evaluate your sleeping habits and have yourself examined by a specialist. There are many reasons why dry mouth occurs, but you might be suffering from sleep apnea and mouth breathing problems. A dry mouth can pose bacteria to build up in the mouth, which is why it is important for it to be treated accordingly.

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supplements for dry mouth

Supplements for Dry Mouth

When we think about dry mouth what comes to mind first is the lack of water intake so the obvious choice must be to get enough water systematically over a certain period before having an extensive search for any other remedy or supplement without covering the basics. If the dry mouth isn’t severe people can try supplements for dry mouth such as herbs that can enhance the production of saliva such as marshmallow root, ginger, pilates, nopal cactus, sweet pepper, hollyhock root, and others.

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