Pain After Dental Filling

Is It Common To Still Feel Pain After Dental Filling

Some people get cavities that need to be filled. For some, however, there is a big problem. After filling the tooth, it still hurts. The first thought that most thinks is that the dentist did not do a proper job. Read about tooth decay to understand why there is still pain after a dental filling.

-Sometimes drilling has progressed to a lower level in the tooth, which is much more sensitive. After the pain reliever, you may feel a pain that you did not feel before. This is because you have touched a deeper nerve and are still sensitive to pain.

-Sometimes it’s just your lips, which finally feel the pain caused by the snippets that make your lips numb during the procedure. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between gum pain or internal tooth pain. Is It Common To Still Feel Pain After Dental Filling

-There is a sensitivity problem that you can get pain after dental filling. Because some fillings are made of metal, they absorb heat and cold from the natural tooth differently. This means that when eating something hot, the filling itself can become hotter than the teeth around it. It can cause a strange feeling and even pain. In most cases, this type of problem disappears within a few months.

-But on the other hand, if you still feel an excess pain, you should contact your dentist immediately and get advice on what to do about the pain. They usually give painkillers. Sometimes, however, the pain becomes extreme, it becomes completely insensitive to food or chewing. The only way to avoid time sensitivity to disappear is to avoid things that cause sensitivity.

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