otoplasty procedure

Otoplasty Procedure

Are your ears giving you sleepless nights because of their structure? You should feel happy because there is a solution for you. Otoplasty might help with your self esteem as it’s one of  the best ways to restore the look of the ear. Otoplasty procedure is also known as cosmetic of the ear or surgery. It’s done by professionals to change the position, shape and size that the ears take on the face.

Before you can consider otoplasty procedure, it’s important to have the right understanding of what it entails and how it’s done. It’s one of the procedures that those who are bothered about the look of their ears take. The procedure also comes handy for accidents related cases that have affected the appearance of the ear. Kids who are born with ear defects can undergo the procedure for proper development and restore the normal shape of the ear.

Who is the right candidate for otoplasty?

Since otoplasty works permanently it’s recommended for victims whose ears have fully developed. All adults who have any defect on the ear can be good candidates while children must be given time to mature before otoplasty is done. Exceptional cases or emergency at birth can be considered for otoplasty but a second procedure will be done once they mature for the ear to be corrected perfectly. Some of the condition that is perfectly handled by otoplasty include: otoplasty procedure
•When the ear is far from the head.
•The ear is stuck on the head.
•Unbalanced head ear size.
•Unsatisfied by the first otoplasty.

How otoplasty is done and the possible risks.

When otoplasty is done, it’s encouraged on both sides of the ears to enhance the high level of symmetry and balance. Otoplasty candidates must be aware of the surgical risks before they settle for the procedure. The procedure must be monitored and given the right aftercare to limit cases of infection, bleeding, and excess reaction to the medical anaesthesia used.

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