consequences of tooth loss

Consequences of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a process in which your tooth/teeth becomes loose and falls out. The condition is normal for kids as their baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth as they fall out one by one. In the case of adults, losing teeth is not a desirable condition and it may be as a result of an injury or diseases like gum disease, tooth decay, and dental avulsion. Does losing a tooth has any effects? Yes, it does. But you shoudn’t worry so much as there are dental treatment options like dentures, bridges or implants to get it mended. Dental implants are proven to be the most cost effecient among all the other options. You can check out for more info. Meanwhile, let’s have a look at some of the consequences of tooth loss.

(1). Effect on your jaw bone

Teeth are responsible for stimulating the jaw bone and the root of the tooth helps this bone to maintain its strength, form, and density. Additionally, a tooth plays a role in the development of the bone around it. Therefore, If the tooth is lost, there’ll be no stimulation and this will lead to the decrease of bone’s dimension(due to loss of bone’s height and width), and density. The remaining narrow bone causes discomfort and as the loss continues, a bony projection is formed.

For those wearing dentures, you may experience acute pain when you remove it to eat.

(2). Effect on soft tissue consequences of tooth loss

Gum tissues decrease as the dimension of bone decreases. In this case, the tongue enlarges to occupy the space that was occupied by the lost tooth in order to help in food chewing. However, this results in swallowing food that’s not adequately chewed which may cause digestion as well as nutrition problems.

(3). Effect on your facial appearance

A face height decreases as the bone height collapses due to the teeth loss. This causes some undesirable facial changes such as the formation of deep vertical lines on your lips that ends up creating a harsher appearance.

(4). Effects on your health.

This is one of the serious consequences of tooth loss as it relates to the low ability to chew fiber foods. This leads to stomach and intestinal disorders.

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