change your thoughts change your life

Process when you change your thoughts change your life

One of the things that make us change our lives is to change our thoughts. That is, get out of that bubble we live in where we think everything will work the same way forever. You can turn that reality around. Fill in the Contact form to let us help you change your life around.

Did you know that challenges make us grow? They are part of our evolutionary process, the process of maturation as a person. This is how we become better: through difficulties, learning, and improvement. And all this comes through crises! That’s why changing your thoughts is so important. You need to set priorities and to understand that we are going through crises all our lives.

Changing thoughts is the first step to understanding this. In this way, it’s easier to deal with situations, to understand that these crises happen.

How to change thoughts? You can start now!  It does not matter what happens in your life, but how you react to them. So it is necessary to change thoughts: to understand that the transformation comes from within yourself. And to change thoughts is this: to understand that the more we do, the more we learn.

There is an excerpt from Dr. Walter Doyle Staples’s book “Think Like a Winner,” which speaks volumes about changing thoughts:

When you learned the specific response to how much is 9 × 9, this occurred entirely on the conscious level. You became aware of the response and began to train your mind and nervous system to accept it. With continued repetition and practice, you began to respond in an increasingly habitual way, and the director went from the conscious to the subconscious.

When the answer became fully ingrained, you did not even think about it. It simply let the subconscious take control. In this way, a habitual pattern of thinking becomes right or wrong, either positive or negative, depending on what is first introduced into your subconscious. If you were told, and when you believed that 9 × 9 was 84, you would repeat that even if it was not the correct answer.

change your thoughts change your lifeIn the same way, you have developed conditioned responses to a wide variety of external stimuli. They required a pattern of repetition hundreds of thousands of times until they were firmly rooted. They can only be changed by the same process.

Remember that when you change your thinking, it changes your beliefs. When you change your beliefs, it changes your expectations. When you change your expectations, your attitude changes. When you change your attitude, it changes your behavior. When you change your behavior, it changes your performance. And when you change your performance, you change your life. ”

It’s important to understand that changing thoughts is a matter of conditioning. Everything that we introduce again, that we learn, happens at the conscious level. And that goes into the subconscious. For you to change, the process is the same.

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