breast lift and augmentation cost

Breast lift and augmentation cost

It is true that motherhood and pregnancy generally tolls a woman’s body shape. Despite exhausting efforts such as exercises and living on a diet, sometimes these efforts are not enough to bring you back to your pre-baby body shape. Now, you may be wondering what the deserving procedures you might need to take to acquire your figure back are and how much they cost.

When it comes to a mommy makeover, there are a variety of factors that determine the cost and may vary depending on the patient choice. However, the cost is almost all the same. One of the common makeover options you can take is a breast lift and augmentation. These medical options help to lift your sagging and poorly shaped breast. Now, what are the breast lift and augmentation cost? The Team of Surgeon in DrBreastAugmentationSydney can explain to you about breast lift and breast augmentation. Visit their clinic and website to find out more.

breast lift and augmentation costBreast Lift

Breast lift cost an average of $4,636. If you think that breast implant is uncomfortable to you, a breast lift is a way to go. This procedure will offer you an option to re-inflate your saggy, droopy and shapeless breast into a youthful look. The doctor removes the excess skin, lifts the breast tissue and reduce the size of nipples. The procedure takes one to three hours to complete. Like any other medical procedure, the side effect may include temporary discomfort, bruising and scars, swelling which fades with time.

Breast augmentation

The procedures cost an average cost of $3,719. If your breasts are sagging and have lost their volume, breast augmentation is a good choice. The procedure takes only 1 to 2 hour, and there, you walk with silicone or saline-filled implants. It’s a permanent medical procedure. Now, the cost of the augmentation may vary depending on the breast implant you choose. Silicone implants are more expensive than saline. So, when considering the cost, that is silicone implants versus saline, consider the feeling and what you want to achieve after the surgery.

So with breast lift and augmentation, you can be able to give yourself a little back after pouring all to your kids. When you look great, your kids will have the confidence to be mommies and women in the future.

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