Breast implants price

Breast Implants Price

If you have been considering breast augmentation, surgery you are probably very interested in the price of breast implants. This is a difficult question to answer with any accuracy as it can vary quite a bit. The best approximation of cost is between $4,000 and $10,000 with exceptions on both ends of the spectrum.

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Here are a few things that can affect the price of breast implants for you:

  1. Location

Where you live will have a significant impact on the price of breast implants. Some areas of the country have a large number of plastic surgeons and with more choices in physicians comes competition, which will drive prices lower. On the other side, there are areas where there are only one or two surgeons available, which of course allow the prices to climb.

  1. Breast implants priceExperience

The number of procedures a plastic surgeon has done will also affect the price of breast implants. A doctor who has an excellent reputation in the field and the experience to back it up will command higher prices than someone fresh out of school. You should consider this aspect of pricing most carefully; an expensive but well-done procedure is preferable to a cheap surgery with many complications.

  1. Type of Implant

Do you want silicone or saline? Each of these has their pros and cons, and one of the most significant differences between the two options is pricing, saline implants will be around half the price of silicone implants. You might think this makes a choice obvious, however; there are some cosmetic differences in the saline implant. A saline implant is prone to wrinkling under the skin and is a good deal firmer than silicone, which makes the breasts look and feel fake. Of course, silicone has had a lot of press over leakage as well, so choose your implants carefully.

Many things factor into the price of breast implants including anesthetic fees, hospital fees, and your personal situation. In some cases, breast augmentation requires some reconstruction as well, and of course, this adds to the cost. Your best source of information about what it will cost you for implants will is your physician.

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