breast cancer surgery recovery

Breast cancer surgery recovery

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer seen in women. It is said that one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime. According to the World Cancer Research Fund done by American Institute for Cancer Research, there have been 2 million new breast cancer cases in the world in 2018. Women diagnosed with breast cancer needs surgery with or without other treatment modalities to remove the cancer cells. If you are curious about the surgery for breast cancer, visit the clinic of Breast augmentation Brisbane | Solution for rebuilding breasts after surgery.

Breast cancer surgery recovery period

breast cancer surgery recoveryJust after surgery

After surgery, you will feel a bit dizzy, and you’re connected to many monitors and tubes. Then you will be transferred back to the ward, there also your vitals will be monitored regularly.

The Wound

A dressing will be present on the wound. In the initial period, the breast will be swollen, red and you might feel pain or soreness. Usually, the wound takes about 2-3 weeks to heal completely.

Tubes and drips

The tubes used to give anesthetic drugs are removed before transferring to the ward. Oxygen by mask might continue for some time. You will have a cannula with a drip in your hand to give blood or fluids, a wound drain/s to remove the blood and fluid from the wound and a urine catheter after a long surgery. The wound drain/s is taken off when no blood or fluid is draining anymore, usually in 2-5 days. The drip is kept to give medicine and fluids for a few days, and the catheter is removed after 24 hours.

Pain medication

Pain is normal after surgery. Usually, a local anesthetic is given after suturing the wound to reduce the pain on the first day. Pain medication will be given to you initially through the drip and then may be orally, to use even at home when needed.

Eating and drinking

First sips of water will be introduced, usually 6 hours after surgery, if you tolerate it well then soup, tea, and other fluids will be gradually introduced. Then semisolid and solids are introduced gradually. The drip will be removed when you are drinking and eating without a problem.

Going home

You can go home in about three days after the operation. Have plenty of rest, a balanced diet and continue the physiotherapy exercises. The nurses will give you more instructions on how to look after the wound. Follow up in the clinic on the given day.

You will have a good breast cancer recovery period if you follow the instructions properly.

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