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4 Common Summer Sicknesses

Summer is about to hit us with its full force of hot, sunny days. While we mostly enjoy summer, there’s also many dangers accompanying this part of the year. Here we’ll provide you with a list of 4 most common summer sicknesses and ways to prevent them. Otherwise, you’ll have to arrange an appointment with a GP to get yourself checked and receive proper treatment if deemed necessary.

4 most common summer sicknesses

1. Heatstroke

Being in the sun for too long can lead you into heat exhaustion which can make you dizzy and nauseous among other things. After these light symptoms, comes something much more serious. A heatstroke. It happens when your body temperature gets to levels higher than optimal and it requires immediate medical attention. Some of its symptoms are:

How do you prevent it?

Thankfully, prevention of a heatstroke isn’t too hard. You should wear loose-fitting, light colored clothing. You should hydrate regularly. Also, you should stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

2. Sunburns

We don’t pay too much attention to sunburns other than the pain they inflict on us. The long-term health problems that might occur from having your skin damaged by the sun are much more dangerous. Skin cancer is the most serious among them.

How do you prevent it?

It’s simple. Wear a sunscreen whenever you’re in the sun, preferably a water-proof one, since sun rays are the most damaging when they pass through a water surface.

3. Lyme disease

Ticks like summer almost as much as we do. Other than being an uncomfortable parasite that latches onto your skin to feed off you, they can also transmit serious diseases. Lyme disease is one of them.In its early stages you might notice something called a “bulls-eye rash” with one red circle being at the place where the tick bit you, while the other, larger circle will be around it. If not treated it can lead to many other health problems, such as arthritis. summer sicknesses

How do you prevent it?

When going into any sort of wooded, green area you should make sure to wear long sleeves and pants that cover your legs completely. Spraying yourself with an insect repellent is also an effective way to avoid a tick bite.

4. Water related sicknesses

Swimming in a pool or a lake during a hot summer day might be enjoyable. It also might be dangerous. algae or chlorine gas can lead to some gastrointestinal infections, colitis being one of them.

How do you prevent it?

Try to avoid swimming in unknown, masses of water in the wilderness or pools with questionable hygienic standards.

Hopefully we’ve provided you with some information on the 4 most common summer sicknesses and useful advice for preventing them.

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