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How to Hide a Missing Tooth? (6 Best Approaches)

Your teeth play an essential role in making your smile attractive. If a single tooth is missing in your mouth, particularly the front area, smiling can be difficult. Luckily, there are different ways on how to hide a missing tooth. In fact, this dental issue can pose a danger to your oral health. Meaning, addressing a single missing tooth is not only for cosmetic concerns. To receive a high-quality restorative treatment, visit today.


Why Replace a Missing Tooth?

Once you have a missing tooth, the jaw bone goes through a cycle of resorption, which shuts the hole where the tooth once involved to the expense of the surrounding dental construction. Accordingly, teeth move, the jaw bone crumbles, and patients lose biting strength.The woman wants to know how to hide a missing tooth.

While conventional restorations replace the apparent part of the tooth, the root is frequently forgotten about. In addition, substituting the crown keeps teeth from moving crooked yet leaves the jaw unsupported, causing sped-up deterioration.

In short, a dental treatment plan designed for you plays a vital role in preventing these issues. Additionally, different tooth replacement options can hide your missing tooth. Keep on reading to know the best treatment for you.


Six Methods About How to Hide a Missing Tooth

Missing a tooth, particularly in front, can cause embarrassment and low self-esteem. Luckily, there are available tooth replacement options. Common ways to replace and hide a missing tooth include:



A dental flipper is a temporary partial denture that you can avail to reestablish at least one missing teeth. Its objective is to hide any unattractive gaps so you can talk and smile without feeling reluctant. A dental flipper is only necessary until you can fit a more lasting replacement.


Removable Partial Denture

A removable partial denture replaces one or more missing teeth in a similar curve and possibly be adjacent to one another. The denture comprises an acrylic base which is sometimes reinforced with a Cobalt chrome metal system.

These tooth replacement options will often have metal fasteners that suit your current teeth. This helps the denture solidly set up yet permitting it to be effortlessly taken out.

Removable partial dentures can be a great choice for individuals who cannot afford a dental implant. Or who do not have regular teeth that are sufficiently able to help a fixed bridge. Go to to know more.


Resin-Bonded Bridge

This treatment option, also called a Rochette bridge or a Maryland bridge tends to replace front teeth. This is because it is generally delicate and cannot withstand the biting powers made by back teeth. It comprises two wings that a dentist will attach to the neighboring teeth on the tooth surfaces closest to the tongue. After that, he or she will join them to the pontic or replacement tooth.


Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge

This tooth replacement is the most common option for insert-supported restoration, especially where a solitary tooth is missing. A tooth-supported fixed bridge comprises two crowns, regularly fitted onto the teeth on either side of the hole and the abutment teeth. The dentist will attach the abutment crown or pontics to replace a missing tooth.The patient is ready to know the options available for his condition.

This kind of restoration will lastingly cement in place. It can manufacture using various materials that include precious metal alloys, gold, and porcelain. Also, these tooth replacement options might come from a blend of these materials.


Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge

With this treatment option, it is not essential to substitute each tooth with a single dental implant. Instead, it will reestablish a few missing teeth, and it is likely for this alternative to replace a whole curve of teeth. The number of implants required can shift as indicated by your dentist’s sort of dental implant and the number of teeth being restored.

The implant-supported bridges appear to be basically the same as tooth-supported fixed bridges. They can either be solidified or screwed into place. At times, a dentist will decide to screw the bridge onto the implants. This makes it simpler to recover the bridge should it need repairing or cleaning. The screw openings in the bridge are concealed with tooth-shaded composite resin, so they are practically invisible.


Dental Implant

Dental implant surgery is one of the incredible tooth replacement options. This technique uses an artificial screw-like tooth root to be surgically placed into the jawbone. Dental implants can be the ideal solution for individuals missing one or more teeth because of dental trauma, gum disease, or other dental health issues.

This treatment is the best alternative if you are appropriate for the procedure and can bear the cost of dental implants. Dental implants are a long-term solution on how to hide a missing tooth, and they give the best esthetic results. Additionally, they preserve the gum tissue and jawbone. There is no requirement for your dentist to grate down healthy teeth.



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