taoist yoga

Taoist Yoga

Taoist Yoga, sometimes referred to as Tao Yin, was created in China as a modern mixture of the classic yoga exercises and deeper realizations of one’s inner-self. It is a unique combination of Chinese theories of body energy maps and ancient Indian traditions. It is related to Tao, a religious and philosophical Chinese learning whose aim is to live in harmony with the Tao; and also to Yoga, which presents a set of physical, mental and spiritual exercises. It is considered to be a relatively simple system and is appropriate for all people, regardless of their age, physical strength and body characteristics. It is similar to Yoga because of the stretches and breathing, but the movements are more gentle. One of the positive sides of Taoist Yoga is that it doesn’t cause over-stretching and isn’t stressful for the body. On the other hand, it is related to Tao Chi, as it enables relaxation and increases spirituality. Ultimately, it would result in health and longevity. The exercises are practiced in different positions, such as lying, sitting, or standing. They are usually divided into three categories:

  1. Exercises for a body posture, including stretching, hopping, leaning over, breathing and dancing. These kinds of exercises often include different equipment.
  2. Exercises that imitate animals.
  3. Exercises for specific diseases.

taoist yogaThe main goals of practicing this type of yoga are:

  • to create a balance of inner and external energies,
  • to enable the energy to circulate in the body,
  • to become more aware of the connection between the mind and the body,
  • to increase physical flexibility and
  • to deepen the breathing

Benefits of Taoist yoga include better night sleep, improving the immune system, and staying young, both body and mind. It also gives strength, flexibility, and balance to the body and soul. In a word, its goal is to enable one’s well-being in every sense, as it can bring more love, joy, fulfillment, and happiness into everybody’s life.

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