meditation beads

Effectiveness of meditation beads

One of the oldest tools that meditators use throughout time and in different religions, from Hinduism, Buddhism to Christianity is some form of beads. Here we will focus primarily on eastern meditation beads called ”Mala”. Mala comes from the Sanskrit word for garland.

meditation beadsThey are one of the basic tools when performing a mantra meditation. Touching every bead focuses your attention on the mantra itself. You don’ have to worry where you are with your mantra. The end of the beads will lead you to your end, bead per bead. Meditation with beads has shown to reduce respiration, calming both mind and spirit. The rhythmic breath and repeating of mantra have shown to arrange some of your brain ways in a specific way that favors many psychological and physical benefits.

There are many stones and colors that meditation beads are made of. Each of them holds a special meaning as well as a healing power. To get the most out of your meditation, to awaken your spirit and heal from within and on the outside, you need to know their significance and meaning.

The red beads help you with mental clarity but are also known to boost creativity. A special kind of red mala beads called Red Tiger Eye also carry with themselves a few extra benefits. They are known to boost your sex drive, determination and delivered a huge surge in your confidence.

The yellow beads are primarily used to improve focus and are known to be good charms that promote professional success. A special kind called Malady Jade helps to balance your emotions. They will ease you to put things in perspective and become wise.

The green beads come in many different kinds. The most popular among them are the Green Jade, Moss Agate and the Malachite. These beads improve emotional balance, fight negativity and create more compassion within.

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