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Low Pain Tolerance? What Exactly is Pain?

In medical terms, pain is defined as a distressing commotion and emotional experience which is associated with damaged stimuli. It’s your body’s way of letting you know that something is not right and making sure that any further damage is avoided. As soon as we feel pain, a stimulus is sent to the brain for analysis. Every human being reacts to pain differently, while some people have a very high tolerance for pain, some might not be able to bear even a slight discomfort and have a very low pain tolerance. 

The factors that establish an individual’s tolerance towards pain are reliant on various points. Some of them are listed below. It’s the combination of these factors only that determines a person’s sensitivity towards pain.

1. Genetic pain tolerance


Genes are to be blamed for low pain tolerance. If a person somehow gets met allele from both his/her folks, they might grow up to be a rather low pain tolerant human. So, the next time you are feeling some kind of toothache, you might as well get a pain-free dental procedure before you faint to obscurity.

2. Pain tolerance and psychology

Like everything else, a person’s psyche also plays a major role in determining a person’s tolerance towards pain. Considering some people have showcased such sturdy control over their pain that they can almost control it consciously. This observation has lead to a belief that at the end of the day, it’s an issue of mind over matter. Just steer your mind away from all the negativity, and you’ll witness a major difference in terms of pain tolerance.

3. Social and cultural education related to pain tolerance

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An individual’s social upbringing and training also determines how a person would react to pain. A lot of it depends on what is considered proper in the society. All those societal beliefs and rules, in turn, act as a driving force and influence a person’s ability to react to pain. For instance, although science supports the difference in a man’s and a woman’s ability to react to pain, societal learning might have a stronger influence.

So, basically all the biological factors take a back seat and it all depends on the person’s willpower and inner strength. You just gotta tune your mind that way!



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  1. Yep. True that. One factor that can affect to feel pain is thinking the negativity which will lower pain tolerance. So take away the negativity in your mind and think that you can do it. I think it can strengthen your pain tolerance.

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