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Gum Infection Pain Relief

Gum infection is a pathogenic process which can be the worst experience ever. It`s usually accompanied by overwhelming gum pain which may lead to a severe headache. In fact, the most dominant factor or cause for this kind of ailment is personal neglect. Failure to constantly clean the oral cavity with regular tooth brushing and flossing is the biggest culprit of all. The oral cavity or the mouth contains harmless microorganisms. This natural microbiota thrives and flourishes as the environment inside the mouth is ideal for growth.

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However, with poor oral hygiene, this colony can gradually multiply and forms a sticky film that persistently adheres to the teeth and gums called a plaque. If plaques are not cleaned regularly, or not sufficiently removed, these pockets of bacteria harden up to form a tartar or also known as a calculus, which provides a base for gum infection to develop. Therefore, regular tooth brushing, flossing and the use of antiseptic mouthwash are the most fundamental steps in preventing gum infection, as this effectively removes plaques and microorganisms. However, when tartar develops, dental cleaning from your dentist is the only effective way of getting rid of them.

Home remedies for gum infection pain relief!  

  • Use Icepack

The ice has the numbing feature in it. Just hold  the cube of ice around the affected area and you just have to compress it. The ice cubes are best in relieving pain all at the ends of the nerves.

  • Apply aloe

Aloe Vera works great for gum pain and discomfort. Simply apply copious amounts of Aloe Vera and massage it gently on the affected area.

  • Get fresh peppermint

Boil the peppermint in a single cup of water along with half spoon of normal salt. Let it cool down till it gets lukewarm and then drinks the water. It will perform like a pain relieving medicine along with eliminating headaches too.

  • Using cucumber

Cut the cucumber into solid slices and then hold them around the infected gum area. This will provide a soothing feel. It is recommended to use chilled cucumber slices because the more chilled the cucumber slices are, the more they will work as a catalyst.

  • Whiskey

When the infected parts of the gum will absorb some of the whiskey then it acts like an anesthesia, therefore, it reduces the gum ache.

  • Use dilute hydrogen peroxide

Applying a half tablespoon of Hydrogen peroxide powder diluted in 250 ml of water provides a simple, easy to prepare, but potent antiseptic mouthwash to use.

  • Using oats

In case the gums are abscessed with puss, you should hold oats around your gums because they can help in driving out that irritating puss. Therefore the gum ache pain relief will take place.

  • Use real vanilla extractspain reliever

Dip the cotton bud into the vanilla extract and then apply it on to your gum and you will feel the numbness for sure.

Remember that gum infection pain relief is an easy home remedy which is not complicated to deal with. Don’t spend a restless night wishing for a miraculous dentist in that hour of pain.

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