Effect Of Poor Dental Care

Dental care is very much important to human health. One needs to be extra careful when it comes to dental care. It causes major discomforts to human when less care is given to them. In this article we are going to look at the major effects of poor dental care and they are only negative, not positive because it’s  focusing on “Poor Dental Care”.

The effects of poor dental care are discussed as below:

1.It leads to tooth damage – There’s a high risk of tooth decay due to worn out of tooth enamel leading to fractured or chipped teeth and permanent tooth loss.

2. It causes temporomandibular joint disorders – This is the hinge that connects ones jaws to the bones of the skull. The major problem associated with this is
opening your mouth wide becomes difficult and also joints may lock in open and lock positions.

3. It leads to gum disease and glaucoma – The gum is the soft and hard structure that supports the teeth. This also leads to bone loss, chronic bad breath and
permanent tooth loss.

4. Poor dental care also leads to bad taste in mouth – Bacteria in the mouth caused by food particles stuck in between teeth brings about rotten taste in mouth that causes bad taste in mouth.

5. It also leads to heart disease – This is brought about by the connection of gum diseases. People with severe gum disease are at a higher risk of experiencing heart diseases as the scientists are guaranteed that ones oral health is a gateway to overall health.

6. It also leads bleeding gums – When the dental care isn’t taken into consideration keenly, one’s gums will have bleeding character during and even after brushing teeth.

Bleeding is also a negative impact on someones life,leading to loss of blood in the body and even shames you in public as it becomes difficult to smile. you are just assured that your gums are bleeding exposing it openly when you smile.

In conclusion, it’s always good and healthy when you take care of your oral health. As from the above effects its noted that it saves you much to even a point of saving your heart from diseases caused by poor oral health. As advised, take caution and very intensive care of your oral health.

2 Replies to “Effect Of Poor Dental Care”

  1. Steps in maintaining the cleanliness of oral health is just simple. Big impact to your health if not followed.

  2. Just look what can happen if maintaining the proper oral care is not followed. Not only dental health can be affected but also our general health.

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