Dentists Are Aid To Stop Domestic Violence

Being an extremely sensitive topic, Domestic Violence is still neglected by the victims to save the pain of shame in the society. Most of the women in America counting to nearly 30% have undergone physical or domestic violence in their lifetime. Domestic violence is extremely painful, emotionally tearing and can make the person mentally fragile, sometimes even suicidal. By remaining silent about the abuse, the victim actually gives the abuser more freedom to choose it’s actions. Medical professionals are the first point of contact when  domestic violence occurs especially the dentists. One way the dentist can make out if it’s patient is going through physical abuse is when there are frequent or regular dental visits.

So much has the rate of violence increased, dentists are now taking matters into their own hands with the inspection. They look out for symptoms like a mark or bruise on neck, head or mouth, and inquire about it to the patients. Regular dental visits can be one of the signs for the dentists to understand if the patient is perpetually under pressure of domestic violence. It’s the crucial chance to gain the trust of patients by interviewing them in a calmly and assuring way so that they feel safe rather than being discreet.

But the issue here is not everyone is free to share their experience be it with the dentists or any healthcare professional. This factor pushes the victim to go into furthermore trauma,
abuse and lose confidence overall. Since regular dentist visits especially when undergoing a series of treatment, dentists can observe the victim often. If things are beyond the control like for example if the victim is disturbed and happily encouraging the abuser, then a recommendation to a psychologist or a physician becomes an urgent call. Dentists should try to convince it’s patient in a positive way, give hope and refer them to a health professional.

Preventing any kind of abuse and lending a helping hand is how dentists or any other health care experts can provide a powerful remedy.

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