average cost of rhinoplasty

What is the Nature and Average Cost of Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the five most popular plastic surgery procedures in America. This is where a plastic surgeon sculpts the cartilage and bone of the nose to achieve a patient’s desired look. The average cost of rhinoplasty actually varies on a case to case basis. If other procedures are needed, the cost would most likely be higher. Rhinoplasty surgeries as we all know can also be complex.

When performed by a well-trained plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty can significantly improve the balance of one’s facial features, and even giving a boost of self-confidence. This procedure can also be used to correct structural defects, including those that cause breathing difficulties.

Nevertheless, it’s important to know some important factors before deciding to undergo the procedure.

Are you the right candidate?

Some patients experiencing breathing difficulties due to structural abnormalities or previous injuries opt for rhinoplasty. The best candidates for a nose job are those in good general health, who understand the risks, and set realistic expectations regarding the results.

A suitable candidate for this kind of surgery may:

  • Have too large or too small nose size that is not compatible with other facial features
  • Have a wide nose
  • Have a bump on the nose bridge
  • Have a drooping or large nasal tip
  • Flared nostrils
  • Have been injured so that the nose is asymmetrical
  • Have a nose that is crooked or off-center
  • Issues with internal nose structure for example a deviated septum

Is Rhinoplasty Safe for Teenagers?

It is highly essential for teenagers and their surgeons to consider whether or not this procedure is a suitable option. Doctors should assure that the decision to undergo rhinoplasty is the patient’s own choice. Regardless of the reason, doctors recommend that girls should wait until they reach 14 or 15, and for boys wait longer until the nose has fully grown.

Rhinoplasty can be used to enhance the overall appearance of the nose. There are cases those where the plastic surgeon recommends a chin implant at the same time. This will help balance the facial features. In most cases, patients undergoing rhinoplasty will ask their surgeons to:

  • Narrow the bridge of their noses
  • Widen or narrow nostrils
  • Straighten crooked noses
  • Reshape the tip of noses
  • Alter the angle between the nose and upper lip

Usually, the incisions used for this procedure are inside the nose or placed inconspicuously at the outer part. There may be minimal scarring that fits in with the overall goal of improving the appearance and maintaining a natural look.

How Much Does It Cost?

Since rhinoplasty is different for each one, the cost varies depending on several factors. Patients must discuss the surgery cost with their surgeons. If possible, discuss different payment options as well.

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